Welcome to Angel 3 Publishing. As a woman-owned and veteran-owned business, we bring a unique blend of empathy, experience, and creativity to the publishing world. Our company name, Angel 3 Publishing, is a tribute to our founder’s children, serving as a reminder of the love and inspiration that fuels our work.

Angel 3 Publishing is more than just a company; it’s a labor of love driven by a deep sense of responsibility to empower the next generation. We are dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and the power of education. By nurturing young minds through thoughtful and innovative content, we can help shape a brighter future for all.

Our debut book, “What Color Am I Mommy?” by Jacqueline Washington, showcases our core values to share diverse stories and educate children.

At Angel 3 Publishing, our core mission is to provide children of all ages and backgrounds with resources catering to their needs and interests. We firmly believe in meeting children where they are and helping them to grow and thrive. 

Our dedication to serving children is the driving force behind our work; while our primary focus is on producing high-quality books, we are passionate about expanding into a diverse range of mediums, including coloring books, games, videos, and more, in service of this goal.